Visit Greece app: 1.7 million new users in 2021

The app also had 400 "stories" from trips in Greece in 2021

The upgraded application of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization for mobile devices, Visit Greece app, significantly strengthened its position during 2021. This dynamic digital tool is now one of the main means of promoting Greek tourism internationally, as it has been enriched with new analytical content regarding the sights, the services provided in the country’s tourist destinations, as well as the health measures and travel procedures in force in the country during the pandemic.
As a result, it attracted more than 1.7 million users last year, it managed to keep over 75% of users active and in constant interaction with the application and record about 2.5 million downloads.
The new functions and modules created in the content, as well as a series of promotional and communication actions designed and implemented by the Greek National Tourism Organization in Greece and abroad, contributed to the “take-off” of the Visit Greece app in 2021, as highlighted in a relevant announcement.
More specifically, a special section was created to serve the traveler and consolidate the feeling of security against the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, it has been operating since 2020 with updated information on all the health measures in force each time, but also on the documents necessary for the travel of visitors to Greece. At the same time, 610 diagnostic centers and 74 public sampling points for coronavirus tests across the country were integrated into a digital map to facilitate visitors’ access to them.
Also, another special section was formed for the anniversary of the 200 years of the Revolution of 1821, including 130 historical points on an interactive map, a link to tributes to heroes of the Revolution, as well as an interactive game – quiz about the Revolution.
It also includes among others:
•25 ski resorts from all over Greece, 22 marinas from all over the country as well as all blue flag beaches.
•The possibility to buy a ticket for museums, archaeological sites, ferries, car rental, etc.
•Possibility of free promotion for tourist businesses. To date, 4,500 businesses are being promoted, of which 3,000 were added last year (the businesses that wish to be promoted for free as long as they register on the website).
With regard to the actions to promote the application, indicatively, the following are mentioned:
•7 gamification contests, in which more than 100,000 users participated in total.
•50 campaigns within the application aiming at the promotion of destinations depending on the season and thematic tourist products, such as gastronomy, etc.
•35 newsletter campaigns for the promotion of all regions of Greece and the plethora of thematic products available in the country.
•New services/functions provided by the application such as travel stories where users have the opportunity to upload their own photos from their trip to Greece. The stories have a great impact and in 2021 more than 400,000 nave been uploaded.
The total redesign of the application, aiming at better and easier navigation, took place at the same time with the new redesign of the website, with the kind support of Mastercard and Eurobank and was implemented by Warply.

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