Velocity Partners: Second investment in Greek Startup Loceye

Velocity.Partners, a Greek VC anounced its second investment in Loceye, 300,000 euros, to further develop the innovative Online Eye Tracking research service .

Loceye, who awarded at the Startup Europe Awards, at ACT Pappajohn Business Plan Awards and in Cosmote Hackathon and Ennovation Competition, is a platform that enables media companiesonline storesmarketing professionals, and UX designers to make Online Eye Tracking Surveys to accurately capture exactly which item and point of the website focuses on a visitor’s look during browsing.

Loceye solves the problem online without the need for a lab or special equipment and enables anyone to conduct research on thousands of users with selected demographic features in just a few hours at a lower cost and more detailed detail than any other solution on the market.

In this way , Loceye users have the ability to take data driven decisions, utilizing the advanced reporting tool of the service, removing the uncertainty of their choices as hitherto online solutions were focused on capturing clicks and / or traffic mouse trying to make indirect results.

The Loceye team

Loceye was founded in 2018 by 4 new Electrical Engineers from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki when co-founder and CEO, Konstantinos Alexoglou , conducted his practice in User Experience (UX). Understanding the usefulness of the data of an Eye Tracking survey he wished to carry out himself, and seeing that there is no equivalent online at a reasonable cost, he created the founding team of three students of the Electrical Engineering School of the Aristotle University with experience in Product Design and Software Engineering.


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