Thessaloniki can become the “next capital of innovation” of Europe

The aim of Thess INTEC is the integration of the country in general into the 366 European innovation districts

The inclusion of Thessaloniki and Greece in the list of the 366 innovation districts of Europe aims to create the first 4th generation technology park in Greece, “Thess INTEC“, which aims to operate at the end of 2024, as pointed out by its president, entrepreneur Nikos Efthymiadis, speaking at the 5th development conference of Thessaloniki.

Greece has the potential to develop innovation on an international scale, thanks to its excellent universities and research centers, extrovert businesses and more than 2000 Startups, which in recent years have a market capitalization of 5 billion euros. What are we missing? We do not have an area in which a partnership of businesses, academic institutions and research centres can develop synergies.There are over 700 such innovation districts abroad. In Europe 366. Near us there is that of Sofia and quite a lot in Turkey. In Greece, however, there is none, Thess INTEC aspires to become the first”, noted Mr. Efthymiadis and added that the current situation is unique, because academic and research institutions, businesses and the State now collaborate and agree that there should be cooperation for the development of innovation in Greece.

Mr. Efthymiadis also said that for the creation of the park in an area of 760 acres in Perea, Thessaloniki (the 100 acres will be a green space, “delivered to the municipality of Thermaikos”), the master plan and all the licensing studies have “run” and funding of 35 million euros has been secured from the Recovery Fund.In addition, more than 100 companies have signed Memorandum of Understanding and have created six clusters that are already in operation, the action of which will be transferred to Thess INTEC, when it is ready, accelerating the processes –these clusters have at their heart nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, energy, Logistics and smart city technologies.

“We are ready for one of the most modern innovation districts in Europe”, underlined Mr. Efthymiadis and added that the quality and lifestyle in Greece are very attractive to scientists and executives of multinationals, so the existence of infrastructure creates additional incentives for their attraction to our country, so that they can live and work here.

At the 5th development conference, organized online by the Hellenic Institute for Research and Development, the president of Thess INTEC said that the investments in 90% of the park’s area will be of a purely private nature. He stressed the need for a collective effort for the achievement of all objectives.

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