Start4Health: eNIOS and Docandu the big winners

With the emergence of the first and second winners, during the “Demo Day”, the Start4Health Program of the Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) of Pfizer was completed, which gave the opportunity to highlight innovative digital ideas and technological solutions by Greek Startups, to improve health services and patients’ lives.

The winners were selected among the five “finalists” of the Program, that presented their proposals – as they evolved them during the Accelerator phase, with the support of mentors and coaches from the ecosystem of technology and business – to a Jury, which consisted of distinguished personalities in the field of Technology, Innovation and Business.

The Committee chose to award the first prize, accompanied by a cash prize of 25 thousand euros to eNIOS for its proposal concerning technology for the analysis of large biological data with application in precision medicine and drug research and development. The second prize, accompanied by a cash prize of 10,000 euros, was awarded to Docandu for its proposal for a platform for the provision of modern health services and telemedicine.

“Our participation in the program was an excellent opportunity to leverage our technology in the revolution of Precision Medicine, which aims to personalize treatment in a wide range of diseases,” said Dr. Eleftherios Pilalis, Chief Technology Officer of eNIOS.

“Pfizer is a company that can help us always guided by education, but also the knowledge transfer that will exist between us, while it is also able to provide us with the means to implement proposals that we have already found and will cover a great need in the market, but also to the citizens”, stressed Dr. Petros Pandis, CEO of Docandu.

The selection of the Committee was difficult, as the rest of the proposals received excellent reviews, such as Althexis, which concerns an innovative platform and technology that offers innovation in the way dermatological examinations are carried out, Cloudpharm, which concerns technology that enhances the fastest research and development (R&D) of medicines based on the cloud, and Collaborate Health Cloud which concerns a complete solution for the most efficient cooperation of doctors and patients and the effective management of chronic diseases.

In addition to the cash prizes awarded to the winners, the five teams through their participation in the final phase had the opportunity to optimize their business model, improve the value of their proposals, strengthen their position in the market and apply for a future cooperation with Pfizer.

Start4Health is an Accelerator program that focuses on Digital Health and its various industries, looking for new technology products and services that can improve healthcare delivery, enhance and personalize the therapeutic process, provide intelligent data collection and analysis for remote monitoring and support, improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and increase patient participation, knowledge and awareness of Health.

“We are very happy and proud of the completion of the Start4Health Program. The high level of participants in all phases of the Program, the innovative ideas presented, the appetite and passion of Startupers, their dedication to the goal of innovation that finds practical application for the benefit of the quality of health services and, ultimately, the lives of patients, are elements that emerged through the Program and are a guarantee for the future of the effort to develop innovative digital ideas and solutions of innovative technology for Health”, stressed Nico Gariboldi, Head of CDI.

“I want to congratulate the winners, but also all the participants and reiterate that Start4Health, as well as all the tools to strengthen our ties with the Greek technology and innovation ecosystem, will continue to contribute to the emergence of talents and ideas that can revolutionize the health industry, which is a constant goal and mission of the CDI”, added Anastasia Matonaki, Sr Manager, Open Innovation at CDI.

The products that participated in the competition, including those that were awarded, are not promoted and are not available from Pfizer.

The Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) of Pfizer was founded in 2020 in Thessaloniki and is part of the Pfizer Digital global network.

CDI organized Start4Health in collaboration with the non-profit organization SciCo and Found.ation.

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