SSAP 2021: SERG Technologies improves the standard of living of patients at risk of disability

The SSAP Europe team presented a number of startups as part of this year’s 2021 SSAP acceleration program. Participating startups were selected among hundreds to take part in the accelerator program. Among them is SERG Technologies, a London-based startup.

SSAP gives the opportunity to the participating teams to build a startup with a thoughtful approach and potential global reach through an extensive network of investors and strategic partnerships. 

SERG Technologies by developing a platform enables people with Parkinson disease and other neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders to live a healthier life with full control over their symptoms.

As most neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders present with Parkinson symptoms that constantly fluctuate in severity, this was necessary. Many of these diseases can even result in significant disability, limit movement and reduce patients’ quality of life. 

At the same time, treatments such as medication and brain stimulation in depth must respond to the severity of symptoms to be effective. Remote monitoring of Parkinson’s symptoms as a whole is currently impossible, leading to an ineffective management and treatment of a group of diseases that are incurable and severely affect millions of people worldwide.

Also, clinicians rarely see the full spectrum of a sufferer’s condition, as they rely on two appointments each year to physically examine their patients. Therefore, between appointments they are not able to observe the management or the progression of the disease.

However, the NuRO connected platform, which is used for monitoring, management and treatment, contributes to this, while bridging the gap between these stages, especially in relation to Parkinson’s disease.

In particular, it allows the remote and specific assessment for each patient of all movement symptoms, providing usable information that optimizes treatment, promotes lifestyle changes, increases patient movement and independence. 

NuRO in combination with the portable, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapeutic solution offered, aims at brain plasticity, training it for control recovery and long-term improvement.

Neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders (NDMDs) affect 400 million people around the world, with most showing Parkinson symptoms, such as tremor, slowness of movement and/or muscle stiffness. 

Similarly, Parkinson’s symptoms prevent sufferers from living a “normal” life, impacting their daily care and diet on a personal level, reducing patients’ autonomy and quality of life.

Every day more and more people at younger ages are diagosed. Despite the fact that many times these cases are incurable, expensive and debilitating, the company tries through technology to improve living both with neurodegenerative diseases and with other mobility disorders. 

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