Smartpass: a spin-off from Warply aiming at smart cities

A startup in Smart Cities sector is launched by Warply as a spin-off. Smartpass is specialized in IoT services in Municipalities worldwide and it was created with a vision of making our everyday life in big cities, simpler by creating and promoting innovative services.

Using a simple Smartphone app, all municipalities can offer their citizens the ability to find a parking spot, pay their electricity or other type of bills related to municipality services and many other online services related to local government.

Smartpass is the first completely integrated solution that provides sensors (hardware & software), a mobile app ready for use by citizens and municipalities and an analytical platform which can connect to 3rd party systems. Moreover smartpass offers sensors (sensor hardware) in modern protocols lora and nb-iot for parking spaces, lighting, water meters and energy, waste bins and recycling.

Specified as the only company with experience in “User Experience” and having already worked on a mobile app for both users and municipalities with an extra service of mobile payments, smartpass is a much promising startup. Moreover municipalities can check payments online and control waste bins and recycling bins, saving time and resources.

Thanasis Zanias General Manager of smartpass stated that “today’s new tech apps can save money and resources from municipalities. We are now able to create and promote online services in different sectors developing our cities and making our everyday life easier”

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