Advent Technologies: New management team and strengthening of its position in fuel cells

Advent Technologies Holdings announced a new management team, following the recent acquisitions of Serenergy A/S and Fischer eco solutions GmbH to promote the company’s fuel cell systems in all global markets according to the announcement.

Advent’s global team grew by 92 people with the acquisitions of SerEnergy and FES on August 31. The company now employs more than 170 people in the USA, Europe and Asia combined, including 55 employees in Aalborg, Denmark, at Advent Technologies S/A (formerly SerEnergy), 20 employees in Manila, Philippines, Advent Technologies Philippines, Incorporated and 17 employees in Achern, Germany at Advent Technologies GmbH (formerly FES).

With the addition of the fuel cell companies SerEnergy and FES, Advent is now a leading manufacturer of high temperature polymer electrolyte (HT-PEM) fuel cell for backup, temporary or continuous 24/7 energy production in Europe and Asia with fuel cell systems running on methanol and hydrogen.Advent is now active in the military sector, shipping, automotive and looks forward to expanding in the telecommunications and transport sectors with customers such as Globe Telecom and SMART Communications Inc.

Now Advent has the capacity to produce thousands of fuel cells on a large scale, while at the same time ensuring the production of innovation with 38 active Research and Development programs and owns 190 patents that have been issued, licensed or are pending.

“We are extremely proud and excited about this integration of the strongest know-how in the HT-PEM fuel cell technology industry. We can now respond to the growing demands of markets that are switching to clean energy technologies and therefore help to decarbonising the world more quickly. The development and marketing of new and alternative technologies, capable of operating with various fuels and wherever it is a difficult task, but with the know-how and resources that are now united within Advent, with all the parameters of the supply chain as it should, we are in a very good position to offer the markets the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective fuel cell systems.”, said Dr Vasilis Gregoriou, President and CEO of Advent.

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