Pfizer hub supports women against breast cancer

Pfizer‘s Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) supported Alma Zois of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and the action “Sail for Pink” as a main sponsor (Pink Sponsor) this year. The Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” of Thessaloniki was founded in 2008 by women who had experienced breast cancer on the initiative of the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” based in Athens.

Participation in “Sail for Pink” contributes significantly to the provision of free breast tests to uninsured women or women who cannot afford it.Also, raising significant financial resources for the implementation of programs aimed at material and moral support of the woman who is ill, while at the same time contributing to the struggle of the Leap of Life for the daily improvement of the quality of life and the defense of her rights as a patient.Additionally, implementing programmes aimed at informing women about the prevention of disease.

Through this action, Pfizer wants to stress the importance of prevention and early diagnosis in the issue of breast cancer and aims to help raise awareness of the rights of women who have survived or are still suffering from breast cancer. At the same time, it actively encourages women of all ages to be regular in meetings with their doctors (check-ups).”

We believe that patients should have an active role in their treatment. Pfizer’s philosophy of putting the patient at the center and its Corporate Responsibility are a key part of our corporate culture and we believe that such actions should be encouraged in every possible way. A visit to the doctor can be the key to saving a life.”, said Nico Gariboldi, Site Lead, Global Center for Digital Innovation (CDI)

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