Playter: BNPL solution for the payment of professional invoices

UK-based BNPL Startup raised 55 million dollars with the aim of supporting SMEs

Uk-based Playter has completed a round of funding and equity of 55 million dollars by the supporters of Klarna, SoFi and Pipe.

Adit Venture Capital and Fasanara Capital led the round, with additional investments from Fin Capital, Act Venture Capital and 1818 Ventures. The investment follows seed funding of 1.7 million dollars in March.

B2B buy now, pay later Startup promises to help SMEs reduce their operating costs by paying professional service tariffs in installments.

The platform launched last year allows businesses to secure up to 300,000 pounds at no interest cost or revenue-sharing with a subscription starting at 550 pounds a month.

“The BNPL for business is a completely different concept from the BNPL B2C. At the moment, there are very few B2B purchases made online. We’ve created a platform that gives businesses total control over dictating the payment terms they want to have, helping them pay within 6-12 months, while their suppliers are still paid within 24 hours.”, noted Jamie Beaumont, founder and CEO of Playter.

“We are pleased to work with Playter. As funding dries up for early-stage companies, Playter brings to the table an innovative and highly flexible funding offer that we believe will greatly benefit the ecosystem.”, said Francesco Filia, managing director of Fasanara Capital, explaining the rationale for the investment.

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