Plastika Kritis : Digital modernization in collaboration with Neurosoft and Sparkle

Thanks to SD-WAN technology, the Greek industrial company will utilize secure low-latency interconnections for all its offices and production facilities in Europe and Asia

Sparkle, the largest international provider of telecommunication interconnection services in Italy and among the top ten worldwide, in collaboration with Neurosoft, the innovative IT company specializing in ICT and cybersecurity solutions and services, have been selected by Plastika Kritis  – one of the leading European manufacturers of masterbatches and plastic sheets for agricultural applications – to provide secure low-latency connections for all its factories and its offices in Europe and Asia, through the Enterprise Link service.

Sparkle and Neurosoft were selected among others for the security, flexibility and scalability of the Enterprise Link solution that utilizes Secure SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology.

The two companies will provide an innovative network infrastructure for all factories of Plastika Kritis in Greece, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Russia, France, and China.

Thanks to the new platform, employees will be able to securely access the company’s information system, regardless of their location and the connection they use, even on the go.

In addition, the network will be enriched with other services to enable international communication between the different locations.

Enterprise Link is an enterprise connectivity service aimed at businesses with a presence in multiple locations to help them simplify their network architecture and improve communication between their branches, headquarters, and data centers (on-premise or in the cloud).

Based on SD-WAN architecture, the service works regardless of the network currently in use (MPLS or Broadband) optimizing WAN’s according to various business needs. Using application prioritization technologies, traffic break-outs, real-time link measurement and load-balancing, Enterprise Link brings connected users closer to their applications, wherever they are.

At the same time, the service contributes to increasing the level of information security across the entire spectrum of digital infrastructure, identifying and preventing threats, while simplifying day-to-day operations and allowing network automation.

The solutions are combined with professional services to support customers in designing, implementing and managing their SD-WAN solution.

The cooperation with the company Plastika Kritis highlights Sparkle and Neurosoft at the level of “reference partners” for multinational companies and organizations. Thanks to each company’s expertise – global connectivity for Sparkle and the integration of ICT value-added for Neurosoft – the two companies offer top-performing, cost-effective and secure solutions to effectively connect and manage their international facilities.

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