Personio is raising new funding with a valuation of 6.3 billion dollars

Personio, europe’s leading HR software company for SMEs, announced a new category of software, People Workflow Automation. The last round of funding was led by Greenoaks Capital Partners, with the participation of Altimeter Capital and Alkeon.

The existing investors of Personio Index Ventures, Accel, Meritech, Lightspeed, Northzone and Global Founders Capital also contributed again, underlining the strength of Personio’s vision and its strong growth trajectory. Its portfolios also include many software companies, such as UiPath, Hubspot, Stripe and Snowflake.

With Personio’s new software, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to convert manual processes performed sequentially by humans to automatic ones during workflow, fully covering each organization and all its applications, for fewer delays and more utilization of production opportunities.

Thanks to this vision, Personio had raised a budget of 270 million dollars, which brought the company’s valuation to 6.3 billion dollars total. The new funds come on top of the significant reserves from Personio’s last round of funding in January 2021, bringing the total capital raised to over 500 million dollars.

The investment allows Personio to develop its product to lead the People Workflow Automation category and continue to execute its long-term oriented strategy, focused on the needs of its customers. The above three chapters will be strategically combined for investments in leading companies throughout the public and private course, in the future.

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