Over 1.7 million Bitcoin-related stories are being published monthly in 2021 growing 90% YoY

More Bitcoin-related content continues to emerge online as the assets surge in value. Overall, 2021 has recorded the highest Bitcoin publications with maiden cryptocurrency driving the sector.

According to data compiled by Finbold, between January 1st and November 21st, 2021, an average of 1.77 million Bitcoin-related pages were published online monthly. January 2021 recorded the highest publications at 4.9 million. In 2021, November has so far recorded the least publications at 0.36 million.

The 2021 average published Bitcoin-related stories of 1.77 million represent year-over-year growth of 92.39% from last year’s figure of 0.92 million. In 2019, the figure was at 0.44 million, while in 2018, the publications were at 0.2 million, with 2017 standing at 0.05 million.

Elsewhere, in 2021, the total number of Bitcoin-related stories published stand at 19.46 million, a growth of 77.23% from the 2020s 10.98 million. In 2019, the stories stood at 5.31 million, with 2018 standing at 2.37 million.

Negative headlines impact Bitcoin-related content

The report highlights some of the drivers behind the increasing publications related to Bitcoin. According to research report amid the asset’s value rise, critics have questioned the cryptocurrency’s long-term sustainability while highlighting negative aspects such as energy consumption and the stiff regulatory scrutiny shining on it. In this line, more articles have emerged online attempting to explain the state of Bitcoin energy consumption and the overall global regulatory outlook.

Notably, the rising Bitcoin publications have correlated with the asset’s rise in value. In 2021, Bitcoin’s returns have been powered by institutional adoption and increased retail investments hence driving interest from the public.

The buzz resulting from Bitcoin’s surging value mainly stems from interest to understand investment opportunities, risks, price predication, alternatives, among other related content.

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