“Meet the Funds” with Invent ICT teams

The event “Meet the Funds“, which took place at the Serafio Center of the Municipality of Athens, was completed on Wednesday, December 15th, in the context of the completion of the third cycle of the Invent ICT program. The aim of the event was to present the ideas of the groups, both from the third cycle and from the previous ones, to eminent funds, whose representatives expressed their questions, but also their interest in the technologies that have been developed and presented.

At the same time, the attenders held a constructive dialogue around the new innovations and was given the opportunity for subsequent meetings in order to explore new investment opportunities: Metavallon VC, Phaistos-5G Ventures S.A, Velocity Partners, UniFund, BigPi, L-Stone Capital, NBG Business Seeds.

Specifically, the Teams of Invent ICT that participated in the event are:

ChromaSwap, combining modern web design with a colorblind-friendly design, offers online solutions and creates products that satisfy the public with colorblindness.

Airbots Agri-Tech offers integrated crop transition solutions in agriculture 4.0 (Smart Farms), implementing crop management applications, automated plant protection and remote agronomy.

Trimsignal makes it possible to achieve higher computing capacity/energy efficiency from given silicon real estate by adjusting the clock frequency dynamically whenever and wherever possible.

SIBA develops low-cost sensor boxes for IoT, built-in software and cloud services, for continuous monitoring of air pollutants and automatic regulation of ventilators, heaters and dehumidifiers, to maintain the desired air quality levels for health and energy saving.

Joyfoundry is developing a smart building infrastructure management platform, which offers the ability to combine and connect multiple smart automation technologies, systems and protocols into one single platform.

ExperienceScanner is a travel platform for a complete travel experience proposal, after multiple data checks.

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