Keyvoto PXM: The perfect digital shelf from the unique platform that links supplier and retailer

Keyvoto CEO and Co-Founder George Papadimitriou, describes to Startupper how Keyvoto, the first Product Experience Platform in Eastern Europe, will help suppliers and retailers win first place on the digital shelf!

S.M. Lately Keyvoto is the topic of discussion in greek RetailTech. How do you justify it?

G. Papadimitriou: The truth is that in the last two months that we are on air for us, the magic of word of mouth of excited customers has worked 100%! Suppliers who experienced the problem and have tried any other outdated solution in the past, have now become Advocates of Keyvoto and recommend us to retailers and other suppliers! For us they are our influencers and we thank them.

S.M. Can you announce some companies participating in Keyvoto?

G. Papadimitriou: We will start the announcements very soon!

S.M. What does the Keyvoto platform do and how can it help create a complete digital shelf?

G. Papadimitriou: Keyvoto is a PXM platform (evolution of PIM systems), which simplifies the procedures regarding the overall management of barcodes and product data for retailers and suppliers, in the online and offline tools they use (e-shop, erp, loyalty system, etc.).

Our platform has a direct connection through APIs with any ERP used by each company (e.g. SAP, SoftOne) as well as with any e-commerce platform (e.g. Magento) and with custom implementations, in order to cover the gaps that exist in the coordination of product information. The most important thing, however, is that it automates and resets the manual data entry on the part of the retailer and on the part of the supplier for all product information.

S.M. What is the state of the greek e-commerce today?

G. Papadimitriou: I will answer the cliche that it is at an early stage, but also that the pandemic has helped to slowly start to evolve, but the truth is that we still have a long way to go. On the one hand, products are not presented as they should be, and this “costs” the product experience, and on the other hand, communication between suppliers and retailers is limited to tools of outdated technologies with limited capabilities, many times even excel files!

In order to achieve development, these two sides must have a common point, that means that the retailers receive all the product information correctly, which only the suppliers of each brand know to its fullest extent, in order to highlight its value as it should in every e-commerce platform and suppliers must be able to pass all this product information easily and quickly, so that in each modification or adding fields to an e-shop, to immediately add the information effortlessly.

This will not only allow both sides to focus on creating a complete digital shelf, but also to be prepared for new technologies, such as the “augmented reality” Metaverse world, which are coming rapidly, as announced by Meta’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

S.M. What do retailers and suppliers gain by using Keyvoto?

G. Papadimitriou:

Time: The communication time needed between the retailer and the supplier is minimized, since any information and change is updated and communicated through Keyvoto’s platform, while at the same time the directories are created and received by the retailer, directly through the unique Keyvoto API in the format specified by him.

Order: The products are organized in such a way along with all the different barcodes, SKU’s and variants, from the beginning of the chain, the warehouse, up to their display on the shelf or the screen.

Attractive material: Each product is accompanied by all its internal and external information, complete descriptions, audiovisual material and relevant content, which is of direct interest to the buying public, and through the Brand Asset Manager is separated into material for the brand and the product separately.

Automation: From adjusting product photos to any dimension each retailer wants, to connecting a supplier’s products to different retail platforms, Keyvoto minimizes human time (design, excel transfers, etc.) through automation.

Cooperation: At the same time, third-party partners (advertising agencies, design agencies, production companies, etc.) can participate in the platform and process data, after receiving the right of access, in order to further simplify the procedures and save valuable working time for all, making Keyvoto the only point of cooperation between retailers-suppliers and partners.

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