Huawei proudly supports the women leaders of the future

As part of the organization of the School of Female Leadership In The Digital Age, the company committed to strengthening the presence of female leadership in the digital age

The third edition of the School of Female Leadership In The Digital Age of the European Academy of Leadership was successfully completed on Friday, July 22nd in Prague, Czech Republic. This was the third edition of ELA where women future leaders gathered for this weekly program that included masterclasses, team projects, active learning and group activities, themed dinners and cultural experiences.

Prior to the 2022 Summer School in Prague, the 2022 Winter School had been held in Nice, France in February, and the 2021 Summer School in Lisbon, Portugal in August.

After an atmospheric opening ceremony on July 17, the closing ceremony was held at the Baroque Palace Troja, and also included a series of many speeches and awards to the participants of ELASummerSchool2022.

“We need a change in culture to make real change in society and the economy – this concerns women’s leadership as well as the green and digital transitions.”, said Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), in her speech underlining the need for continued efforts to promote corrective integration policies.

“In addition to the ELA Summer School in Prague, the SeedsfortheFuture program also promotes female leadership in the digital age, globally. Huawei is proud that in the SeedsfortheFuture programs, the percentage of women participating is particularly high.” noted JeffWang, President of Huawei’s Department of Public Relations and Communications, for the numerous educational initiatives Huawei is undertaking as part of the Seeds for the Future program.

“The gender gap remains significant and the number of Europeans with the digital skills needed to make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital age is still insufficient.” Born in Prague, she served as honorary president of this edition of the SchoolforFemaleLeadershipintheDigitalAge, encouraging young participants to “recognize the importance of dialogue and commitment to promoting strong relations and understanding other people’s opinions.”, stated IrenaMoozova, Director for Equality and EU Citizenship at the European Commission, in her video message, stressing the importance of ongoing policy actions to promote both gender equality and digital skills.

In the letter she shared with the students at the beginning of the program, she had stated that “together we are stronger and only through cooperation can we promote equality, security and prosperity in the European Union and abroad”.

“Huawei has realized that we need to make technology work for humans, society and the public good. That is our commitment to the future. More than ever, Huawei is dedicated to Europe.Having established our activities in Europe since 2000, we are proud to contribute to the technological transformation of Europe.”, commented MaQi, Huawei’s Central Europe President, in his remarks reiterated Huawei’s commitment to Europe.

“Technology will always be there to help them” and encouraging them to “build bridges at every level:for themselves to reach ever greater heights in their careers, no matter how great the challenges they face, for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable people, to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital transition; and, most importantly, to build bridges with people from other countries and continents to strengthen international cooperation, because prosperity comes from cooperation.”, said Berta Herrero, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, HuaweiEU and School Director.

Among the 2,500 candidates from all over Europe, during the summer a professional jury had selected 29 participants for this weekly programme which included masterclasses, team projects, active learning and group activities, thematic dinners and cultural experiences.

From 17 July to 22 July, the selected female students went to Prague, Czech Republic for the 2022 ELASummerSchoolforFemaleLeadershipintheDigitalAge.

Greece and Cyprus were worthily represented by two female students while the speakers of the week of ELASummer School 2022 include renowned Greek speakers.

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