How Hellas Direct made insurance “green”

Pure digital technologies are the ones that are expected to dominate the next day of the coronavirus pandemic, giving their green and digital mark. Ecofin, at its meeting in early November, called for investment in the green and digital transformation of the European economy, acknowledging that these two sectors will be a key driver for recovery.

The insurtech industry is already moving in this direction. Hellas Direct, a new generation insurance company, based on the latest technology and advanced analytics, has been doing for years steady steps to provide easy digital experience to the user in a green environment.

This means online processes, without unnecessary documents, without delays, on the one hand in communicating with the customer and on the other hand in the very operation of Hellas Direct: The collaboration of powerful in-house teams of experts , such as experts, and the use of automation to accelerate the process of damages and their closure.

From the initial phone call to the final payment, everything is done in consultation only with the company, without intermediaries or third parties. Having as compass innovation and reliability, Hellas Direct focuses on the convenience and comfort of the insured. From the flexible choice of program, coverage and duration of insurance through its website – it is the company that brought day insurance in Greece – and the purchase and receipt of the contract online until the final compensation or repair of any damage.

For this purpose, it applies, for those insured who wish it and if it is an incident in clear conditions, telephone recording, with which the driver states what has happened – the line operates 24/7 – and sends electronically the required photos. This way he can leave the spot immediately, while his folder opens at the same time.

In most cases, the car can go to the garage even within minutes. In any case, the insured is constantly informed about the progress of the process and it is typical that from 2019 the calls for a loss have dropped from 17 to 2. Already more than half of the company’s damages close in 48 hours.

At the same time, Hellas Direct’s online platform with over 2,500 partner garages ensures online document exchange and communication between the parties, eliminating unnecessary delays. Hellas Direct ‘s unique digital model has attracted the interest of potential investors, most recently the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. With each contract, Hellas Direct changes the insurance market and brings the green digital transition one step closer.

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