Hack The Box: Investment of 10,6 million dollars from international Vcs

Hack The Box,creator of software about cyber security,announced the completion of a Serie A investment of 10,6 million dollars. The new funding will support the growth of the company as it expands in the US market and creates new products for users and business customers.

Hack The Box started in 2017 aiming at making cybersecurity accessible to everyone. Today the company has over 500,000 platform members from beginners to experts. The members are challenged to learn by attacking virtual labs.The numbers are impressive with over 20 million hours of training while at the same time the company has increased its profits over 1000% over the past two years.

“We are delighted with the growth of the community we have created from members who hare turned hacking training into passion.Everything we do aims at creating a safer internet ”,stated Haris Pylarinos, co-founder and CEO of Hack The Box.

“We are excited to support Hack The Box at this point of their growth, as corporations recognize the increasing importance of security practice to combat cyber attacks.”,commented Gibb Witham,Senior Vice President of Paladin Capital Group.

“Hack The Box is the fastest growing group we have cooperated so far. Haris,James and Aris have created a new generation of cyber security.”,said George Tziralis,Partner of Marathon Venture Capital.

More than 800 organizations,including governments and companies in the list Fortune 500 and over 500 academic institutions have already joined the platform of Hack The Box.

“We support the world’s biggest organizations so that they can be secure by having a well-trained workforce,ready to attack every cyber attack.”, noted Aris Zikopoulos,co-founder and CCO of Hack The Box.

“Innovation runs in our DNA. With this new investment the research and development team will grow even more(4x) in the next 18 months so we continue to pioneer in the market by introducing innovative functions across our products.”.said James Hooker,co-founder and CTO of Hack The Box.

Hack The Box has 88 employees (45% in Greece) and its goal is to employ 200 people by 2022 (50% of them in Greece).

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