Google partners with Startupbootcamp

Google Cloud Platform is developing closer relationships with European startups by agreeing a partnership with Startupbootcamp, the global network of industry-specific accelerator programs which helps technology entrepreneurs prepare their companies for growth.

The deal will see all current and future startups in Startupbootcamp’s nine sector-specific accelerators benefit from:
– Google Cloud Platform credits worth $100,000, allowing them to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.
– One-to-one mentorship from experienced Google executives from various disciplines who have faced the same challenges.
– Regular team workshops delivered by Google personnel working on projects like Android, Google+ and Play.

In addition, Google Cloud Platform is providing financial support to further Startupbootcamp’s ongoing activities and global growth.

“We are thrilled to welcome Google in supporting our more than 180 startups with their tremendous expertise,” said Andy Shannon, Head of Operations for Startupbootcamp Global. “For our ambitious entrepreneurs, there is no finer company to learn from.”

“All current and past startups from Startupbootcamp’s nine worldwide accelerators will benefit immediately from this partnership. By the time we take on new cohorts later this year, we will have brought Google’s support to more than 250 future tech giants.”

The deal also places promising Startupbootcamp companies on the radar of Google’s well known venturing program, which this summer launched a $100m Google Ventures investment fund specifically geared toward European start-ups.

“At Google Cloud Platform, we are committed to helping build out the entire ecosystem,” said Yoav Ben-Ari, Head of Business Development, Venture Capital and Startup Ecosystem at Google. “Not only can we help out entrepreneurs who are just getting started – new ideas can also help improve the way a big organisation like Google operates.”

We have been fans, for a long time, of the work Startupbootcamp is doing to get new technology businesses off the ground around the world. We can’t wait to start meeting with all of their accelerator companies and look forward to supporting their growth in the future.”

Startupbootcamp’s three-month program provides sector-specific advice, mentorship, a range of contacts and funding opportunities to start-ups in areas including mobile, e-commerce, Internet of Things, FinTech, transportation and more. One company set to benefit from Google’s partnership with Startupbootcamp is online insurance software vendor Insly.

“This deal is literally like being handed $100,000 of free cash,” according to Insly founder Ando Kivilaid. “We estimate these Google Cloud Platform credits will support our cloud application hosting for up to a year. More important is the support we receive from Google staff here in London – they have been extraordinarily helpful.”

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