Generation Y: New website for the Acropolis museum

The visual design of the Acropolis Museum’s website was completed by Generation Y, according to an announcement for the presentation of the new digital image of the most important Greek museum.

The design of the website has been implemented in such a way that the visitor can easily and quickly find the information he needs, while the final result in terms of artistic design is a digital transfer of the Acropolis Museum.

Generation Y-International eBusiness Hub gave form to the visual concept inspired by the unique aesthetics and architecture of the Acropolis Museum, the comprehensive market research it conducted, the study and analysis of the User Experience, as well as the architecture of the many useful information, incorporating in its design and user interface some of the most modern digital tools and armed with the absolutely custom-made design.

The announcement also states that the Acropolis Museum, seeking to open new avenues of communication with the public, significantly upgraded its digital presence by introducing the new website, created within the framework of the program “Creation of a Digital Acropolis Museum“, with Generation Y-International eBusiness Hub signing the visual design.

It is worth noting that Generation Y-International eBusiness Hub is a purely multinational company in the field of integrated digital transformation and e-business solutions, providing services all over the world, having offices in 10 countries.

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