Generation Y: New acquisitions and partnerships are expected

This was foreshadowed by the CEO of the company that is already investing in order to enter new sectors

At the end of 2022, the process of transformation into a group of companies that is in full swing, that is Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub, the Greek multinational active in the field of integrated digital transformation solutions and e-business, with offices in 10 countries and export activity in 24 more, is going to be completed.

In this context, the company has already announced strategic investments in Global Sustain (specializing in ESG, Environment-Society-Corporate Governance actions), The Jones (creative advertising agency), Future Insurance (high-tech insurance brokerage), as well as Roimat (digital consultation & social media-consulting services).

In particular, as Anastasios Spanidis, founder and CEO of Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub, announced from the podium of the Delphi conference: “We are creating a group of companies in order to expand the areas in which we can offer to Greek and international business, as well as the depth of our services, utilizing technology.” The transformation into a group of companies will be completed by the end of 2022, when further strategic acquisitions, alliances and partnerships for Generation Y are expected.

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