Future Brain: 1st pre-seed funding round and collaboration with The Culture Factor Group for sustainable culture management

It was founded in 2023, by Konstantinos Michanetzis, Elena Barla and Orsalia Michaelides.

Future Brain, which recently completed the 1st round of pre-seed funding from Greek and foreign angel investors, is an AI-based B2B SaaS platform that revolutionizes the way leaders understand and drive their organizations towards success. It was founded in 2023, by Konstantinos Michanetzis, Elena Barla and Orsalia Michaelides. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and NLP, Future Brain decodes employee behavior, communication, and collaboration patterns, providing unparalleled insights and targeted insights into organizational culture, engagement, and team dynamics.

In a remarkable step towards revolutionizing sustainable culture  management in organizations, Future Brain, an innovative SaaS AI-based startup, has  partnered with The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights), a global leader in  cultural analytics. This collaboration aims to address the persistent challenges companies  face in maintaining a thriving organizational culture. 

Future Brain brings to the table its innovative AI-driven platform, designed to offer real time, unbiased, and actionable insights for organizational culture and employee  engagement optimization. By analysing real-time data, Future Brain’s solution enables CEOs  and top management to see real-time, the impact of their decisions, proactively form  strategies and shape an engaging and thriving culture. 

On the other hand, The Culture Factor Group contributes significant knowledge, stemming  from its evidence-based scientific research and proven applicability in cultural diagnosis, as  well as its global market access. Their expertise in understanding and interpreting cultural  dynamics provides a solid foundation for this partnership. 

Egbert Schram, Group CEO of The Culture Factor Group, expressed enthusiasm about the  collaboration: “With Future Brain’s cutting-edge people metrics and our deep understanding  of cultural variables, we are confident to transform how we help companies manage and  sustain their cultures effectively.” 

Elena Barla, Co-Founder and CEO of Future Brain also shared her vision: “Our partnership  with The Culture Factor Group represents a significant leap in offering organizations a  holistic and ground-breaking approach to culture management. Together, we are setting a  new standard in the industry.” 

The partnership promises to empower organizations with tools and insights necessary for  fostering a sustainable and dynamic culture, ultimately leading to enhanced organizational  performance and employee experience.

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