EMAI4EU: A new frontier in Emotion AI education across Europe

EIT Digital and 12 other leading European education, research and technology organizations, announce the launch of "EMAI4EU" a major four-year project to train professionals in the field of emotion artificial intelligence.

EIT Digital, the leading European organization for digital innovation, announces the launch of EMAI4EU, a new major four-year project to enhance emotion artificial intelligence education in Europe.

The initiative brings together 13 top tier European education, research and technology organizations to develop new degree programs and learning modules that will provide participants with advanced skills in AI.

EMAI4EU’s flagship program is a two-year MSc in Emotion Artificial Intelligence, enabling machines to interpret and respond appropriately to human emotions. This intensive program combines scientific theory and entrepreneurial practice through exercises, workshops and collaborative projects among eight major universities in six European countries.

The project also includes the creation of a series of online learning modules – accessible to everyone, not just students – on key AI topics such as machine learning, data analytics, and ethics. These modules will allow students to supplement their education and help update and reskill the workforce.

Imagine AI assistants capable of recognizing your feelings and responding with empathy,” says Diva Tommei, Chief Innovation and Education Officer at EIT Digital. “Emotion artificial intelligence promises to improve human-machine interaction, but specialized training is essential to ensure its ethical and responsible development.

EMAI4EU involves eight higher education institutions, three SMEs, a large company, a research center, and EIT Digital itself. Specifically, in addition to EIT Digital, the consortium of partners includes: Université Côte d’Azur, Université de Rennes, Eurecom, and LudoTIC (France), University of Trento, Polytechnic University of Milan, and Medispa Srl (Italy), Polytechnic University of Madrid, Saturno Labs, and Tech Valley Management (Spain), University of Turku (Finland), Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary).

The collaboration and sharing of knowledge among partners from different countries aims to stimulate creativity and innovation in the development of AI in Europe, facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer.

“We are excited to collaborate with leading academic institutions and industrial partners across the continent,” said Federico Menna, CEO of EIT Digital, “We are running Europe’s largest open innovation ecosystem and a unique 2-years Master School programme; our ambition with the EMAI4EU project, is to scale up and reach even more students across the EU.”

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