Demi Kyriazi: Why technology is the Mecca of modern business

Five things that make the career in technology attractive

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Orthology’s CEO, Demi Kyriazi, talks about female entrepreneurship and especially technology in the field, as well as the issues, innovation and their multidimensional form.

The technology industry can be hotbed for both recent graduates and experienced professionals and there are 5 main reasons.

1) Mecca for research and innovation development

Perhaps the biggest reason to work in technology is the “project” itself. If you wish to be at the center of the discovery you are in the “right” industry. Technology professionals are integrated into a culture of creativity that generates innovation.

2) Important work

Technology not only generates new ideas – it involves determining how these ideas will work. This industry is all about solutions. There are few industries that are shifting the way the world lives and operates.Technology seeks to make everything easier, faster and better.

3) Challenges

The technology industry is a perfect route for those looking for constant challenges in their work. Tech professionals aim to solve almost all the problems people face, and offer new options for things we never thought they needed a definition.

4) Variety

The work of a tech professional can be huge. The most popular areas of technology today include software, communications, high-tech manufacturing and computer-related services.

In reality, however, technology overlaps with almost every other industry. Technology professionals work in the field of medicine, agriculture, transport, energy, entertainment and even the white-collar occupations, such as law, banking and financial services.

5) High demand

Since technology is an integral part of the success of many different fields, it should come as no surprise that tech professionals are in demand – always.

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