A pioneer in the development of Greek retail with innovation and technology as a pioneer in the development of Greek retail

Written by Nikoletta Kolomburda, HR Director and Member of the Board of Lidl Hellas

This tribute presents the new environment in the labor market with the catalytic effect of teleworking, the hybrid model and the principles of wellbeing by businesses around the world.

In the last two years we have been observing an acceleration of the change of the working environment in our country and internationally. The Retail industry has always been at the forefront, which requires innovation, immediate response to changes in the environment, creative thinking and solving complex problems.Key challenges of the sector are the large dispersion of employees in different geographical areas, the dynamic working environment and the numerous groups with different characteristics. Specifically, we at Lidl Hellas are a large group with over 6,500 people in more than 230 locations all over Greece, with many different objects and areas of work.

In order to meet the requirements, therefore, we have created a working environment based on the concept of “together“. A team, friendly and inclusive environment which is not only based on formulas and procedures, but is based on a close-knit team that we constantly evolve by investing in comprehensive training and development programs.

At the same time, with a plethora of internal investigations, we are constantly receiving information about the wants and needs of our people. And based on these data we plan new actions and initiatives that enhance their wellbeing. We support gender equality having committed ourselves through the signing of the WEP principles, the Diversity Charter, the SHARE equality certification, while we are a Top Employer for the 6th consecutive year in Greece.

A work environment based on all the above enhances the retention of talent and in combination with a comprehensive and competitive program of benefits and pay transforms every employee into a proud member of the #teamLidl, even as an ambassador.

The innovation and hi-end technology behind the development of Greek Retail


Lidl Hellas has integrated the concept of technology and innovation in its working environment. It is part of our culture to constantly seek and invest in new ways and innovative tools that will make us better, more efficient and ensure a competitive advantage in the Retail industry.

A typical example is the IT Competence Center that we have created with the aim of digitalization of both our services and internal processes. Today, a team with more than 50 IT Professionals in Thessaloniki is active in topics such as development, application management, support, collaboration tools and is part of a larger international IT team with more than 3,500 IT professionals planning the next day at Retail With their project they contribute to the development, support and management of international commercial application and infrastructure systems that affect more than 341,000 Lidl employees in 32 countries and more than 11,550 stores and 200 Logistics Centers.

At the same time, from the very first moment of the pandemic we invested in systems that support teleworking and tele-education, while very recently we proceeded to the creation of a permanent policy of teleworking using a hybrid model.The new policy enables our people to make use of teleworking at a rate of up to 40% per month. This is a policy designed with great care to meet the wants and needs of our employees, giving them the flexibility and ability to work remotely.

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