Refugee Aid: an refugee aid App and a aid platform

English company Trellyz presented today the platform and a App, named Refugee Aid in order to help refugees to have access to information and assistance from various – non-governmental organizations but also offer aid organizations a direct channel of communication and assistance to refugees.

The App will be available in the United Kingdom and Italy initially, followed by Greece and other European countries, apparently in order to join the platform aid organizations that are active in each country.

The English and the Italian Red Cross already in the platform as well as organizations SAVE the Children, ARCI , Centro Astalli , Italian Refugee Council etc.

Once the person open the app automatically identifies its position and offered information divided thematically on the available aid for food, accommodation, medical help, Water etc .

The platform’s management system help organizations with geo-targeted communications and refugee guidance while allowing the access to anonymized quantitative data so they know where the refugees are concentrated and to act accordingly.

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