20 years V+O: A “success story” of extroversion and development

V+O, the largest independent Greek communication group, with activity in 7 countries, completes 20 years of development, a dynamic team of 167 executives and a communication consultant for more than 215 Greek and multinational companies that are leaders in the wider region.

V+O, starting as a venture of a small group of executives, succeeded in strengthening its presence in the Greek market from the very first years of its activity. Today, with methodical steps, consistency, boldness and insight, it has evolved into a group of 13 companies, with activity in Southeastern Europe and specifically in the markets of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia and recently North Macedonia. In fact, it is the only Greek group of communication consultants, with a presence in the World Ranking of the Top 120 PR Agencies (Global Top 120 PR Agency Ranking). 

At the same time, recording an average annual turnover growth rate of 15.3% and an annual increase in the number of employees of 16.9% over the last 20 years, V+O is a company with an excellent performance over time, even in years with significant challenges. These are the elements that made it one of the Greek Business Champions of the decade at the “Golden Protagonists of the Greek Economy 2010-2020” awards.

20 YEARS V+O: 20 years of extroversion, growth and development

In this successful course of two decades, the focus on excellence, the deep knowledge of the market and the modern socio-economic environment, the customer-centric culture, but also the belief that communication is catalytic in bringing about the change that lays the foundations for a better world, contributed to V+O being an agency of reference for strategic communication issues, featuring a strong track record in the implementation of very important local and transnational projects in the wider geographical area.

“Within this twenty-year course we have achieved a lot. We took risks, believed in the strengths of our team, invested in our growth, even when the challenges were intensified.Every day, we continue to operate as in our beginnings. A company that never stops evolving and looking ahead of its time. A company that achieves what it achieves and what it gains is the result of the work, the dedication and the true passion of its people, of our 167 executives who are the soul of the company and prove daily that V+O is much more than 2 initials. And we thank them for that. Together we thank all customers and partners who have trusted us all these years and have helped us grow with them. With the same dedication and passion we will continue to work and offer our strategic direction for the next 20 years, believing firmly in the power of communication.”, stated the initiators and co-founders of the project Thomas Varvitsiotis, President and Yiannis Olympios, Vice President of the V+O Group.

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