What OTE’s new investment means for Startups

OTE’s new investment in fiber optics and faster internet was what the Startup community needed to “run” its projects. The internet in our country is not characterized by its speed and even the digital nomads seem to work with data when they see that the network is slow to perform their work.

Especially on the subject of fiber optics, Greece is comparatively behind as far as the countries of Southeastern Europe are concerned. The interventions they make on the other hand, especially those who work from home, paying for other packages for faster internet or buying new routers with enhanced performance often do not have the desired effect at least for a long time.

Everyone is looking for solutions by going from provider to provider in order to ensure better internet access, often returning to the company from where they left being disappointed with the services.

Cosmote, the big player in the field of telecommunications, announced an investment of more than 3 billion euros to upgrade, free of charge, the internet of its customers all over the country and to implement FTTH connections, reaching the optical fiber to the home, at high data transmission rates.

The new factors on the internet will accelerate not only the digital transformation of the country but also the transition of Startups to another level of operation, completing the projects they assign or create, regardless of their base – even if they are located on the other side of Greece.

Each Startup will be able to create its own digital future, having as a back up the upgraded internet that its country offers so that it will stop falling behind newly established companies that are lucky enough to be based in other European cities, which have better internet and therefore gain a lead over domestic ones. 

Internet infrastructure is synonymous with success, especially when this is done without any other financial or equipment charge. This digital upgrade is expected to promote research and development of 5G products and services, in particular the tech tourism and healthtech sectors, as well as the supply chain, carving for a new identity for companies.

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