The greek startups selected for the South East Tech Tour 2021

A significant number of Greek startups were selected for the South East Tech Tour 2021, the program that supports technology entrepreneurs from all over Europe. It is a program that provides pitching opportunities to the 30 best selected startups from the region of south Europe that are looking for bigger funding from active corporate investors and VC. Through the program, investments and collaborations are ensured in companies from the Digital/ICT, Fintech, Mobility, Sustainability and Health Digital Models sectors.

Among the Greek companies that will take part, are Useberry, Purposeful, Biopix-T and Advantis, as well as Clio Muse, DataViva, College Link, Convert Group, Exit Bee, Kinems, K-INVENT, pd-neurotechnology, q-cell and tekmon.

Useberry develops a user testing platform that allows those who have or want to develop a web or mobile application, to try different UX options through automated user tests on the prototypes of their applications.

Next, Purposeful leverages advanced computational workflows and its expertise in chemistry-bioinformatics to discover alternative uses of drugs on the market, creating a computational drug repositioning platform.

Subsequently, Biopix-T works in the production and commercialization of a new portable and certified molecular diagnostic device, in the field of treatment (Point-of-care) under the name “PEBBLE”, forming diagnostic tests.

The fourth is Advantis which is active in the field of Imaging Medicine and specifically in the field of medical software development. Brainance’s first product is a neuroinductive online platform.

Among the others selected to participate in the program, is Clio Muse, a Greek audio tour app, where travelers find multiple digital thematic tours, and DataViva, an information visualization engine, using artificial intelligence, are included.

In these is also added College Link that created a tool for the interconnection of companies for the search for graduates, without any or little experience, thanks to a special system of smart connection of supply and demand of labor, based on various parameters that optimize the choice.

Convert Group with action in the field of Data & Analytics with innovative projects in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and specializes in the provision and analysis of data of the global e-commerce of consumer goods and medicines.

Exit Bee, the adTech, that created an advertising channel for businesses or advertising companies looking to display an advertising message and a new source of revenue for information platforms using smart algorithms.

Kinems has developed a platform with Kinect interactive educational games for children with learning disabilities that are easily adaptable to their needs. K-INVENT has experience in mechanical engineering, biokinetics, electronics and programming, the creator of K-FORCE, a system for measuring and monitoring the strength, movement and balance of athletes and patients, through IoT technologies and modern rehabilitation methods.

pd-neurotechnology, a high-tech medical device company, by a team of experts in systems for monitoring patients with mobility problems. The q-cell, whose developmental goal is to transform the smartphone’s imaging subunit from a low-performance photo capture device into an advanced imaging unit.

Finally, Tekmon built a platform that digitizes all “business as usual” business processes without the use of code, simply collecting information, where required, directly from the field with smartphones and tablets.

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