The Greek medtech Alvion collaborates with Lupin

Global pharma major, Lupin Limited (Lupin) announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C. (Alvion) to commercialize medicines for Cardiometabolic diseases in the Southeast Asia region.

Lupin is committed to providing new affordable treatment options to healthcare providers and patients. By commercializing cardiometabolic drugs in the Southeast Asian region, Lupin will play a significant role in improving the quality of healthcare and access to medicines.

“Forming a long-term collaboration with Alvion to launch a range of therapies will allow Lupin to expand its footprint across Southeast Asia with quality cost effective alternatives for patients and the healthcare system. Both companies have a solid track record of developing and launching products and this agreement will further cement Lupin as a formidable pharmaceutical company in the region. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Alvion over the coming years.”, said Gabriel Georgy, Regional Head Southeast Asia.

“Alvion is delighted to partner with Lupin for its important proprietaries and looks forward to launching the products in the Southeast Asia region. Being a leader in value-added medicines, Alvion shall support Lupin’s activities aiming to position both companies at the forefront for both molecules.”, stated John Bouros, CEO, Alvion.

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