The companies of the ESG Innovation Challenge of the Hellenic Development Bank

The two-day event of 15 and 16 November was held at the offices of the Hellenic Development Bank-HDB.

The innovation competition aims at creating and applying new methods of evaluating enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, not only on the basis of financial criteria based on their financial situation, but also on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG principles), and factors related to the degree of innovation and evaluation of a project or a business (Innovation standards).

In the competition that began on September 11th with the announcement of the competent Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation, Christos Dimas and the President and CEO of HDB, Athina Hadjipetrou, many Startup members of Elevate Greece participated, who submitted their proposals

The companies that presented their ideas for the ESG thematic unit were:

-Libra AI Technologies



-LB Linked Business




While for the thematic unit “Innovation” the companies that presented their ideas were:



-Founderhood & EV Loader consortium

-Mantis Business Innovation

-Fraud Line

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