CLIMPACT: The National Network for Climate Change has been nominated for the 2022 Earthshot Prize

The National Network for Climate Change – CLIMPACT, an emblematic action of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Environment, Research and Innovation, coordinated by the National Observatory of Athens, is nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2022, the most prestigious “green” solutions award in the world.

Announced by the EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development – official rapporteur for the award on behalf of Greece – the proposals for the Earthshot Prize 2022 and the National Network for Climate Change – CLIMPACT is honored to be one of the 6 Greek nominations, which were selected using the Verimpact tool for evaluation based on the ESG criteria so that the process of finding the nominations is based on sustainability and transparency.

The National Network for Climate Change – CLIMPACT, is a flagship action, at national level, that brings together all the major universities and research centers of Greece, aiming at the collection, further development and exploitation of the know-how acquired at national level on the prevention and adaptation to Climate Change.

The main objectives of this effort are first of all the coordination of scientific research on climate change in Greece by creating a core of research excellence, the integration and optimization of existing climate services, early warning systems and innovative scientific tools for natural disasters (floods, forest fires, air pollution, etc.) and the collection and distribution of data on climate parameters produced by national infrastructures.

Additionally, to act as the central pole of valid and multifaceted expertise in all matters related to climate change, gathering and further developing the know-how that has been produced in the research and academic institutions of Greece, interacting at the same time with the stakeholders for its effective utilization.

Finally, the established multidisciplinary consortium, to act as a high-level advisory body for the state, policy makers and civil society on issues of mitigation and adaptation to climate change and natural disasters related to climate change.

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