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Clio Muse Tours: A platform that links tourism and culture

Having created more than 400 acoustic tours of attractions and museums as well as city walks in over 15 countries, Clio Muse Tours specializes in connecting cultural institutions with the tourism market. The advent of the pandemic has brought rapid digitalization to both the tourism and the cultural sector. On the one hand, more and […]

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Travel and tourism revenues to reach only $385B in 2021, less than half the pre-pandemic levels

The countries across the globe had started preparing for summer 2021 early at the beginning of the year to revive travel to their territory and enable tourists to visit safely. Total lockdowns in the first months of 2021, increased testing capacity, and even complete bans on non-essential arrivals, especially from countries with virus mutations, have […]

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Startups and Tourism: The actual Greek Success Story?

At that time the universal trend for startups is Fintech and digital health, among others, but an important advantage of the Greek economy remains practically defunct and could be a powerful magnet for attracting investment for startups. New and innovative products and business efforts in the field of tourism, a sector particularly productive in Greece, […]

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