Single-digit million dollar Series A funding for Perx

Perx, a leading Singapore customer engagement and loyalty platform provider completed a single-digit million dollar Series A funding round, that was led by Golden Gate Ventures and had the participation of a series of existing shareholders. The company is working towards becoming the lead solution architect to enable enterprises, developers and other solutions providers to seamlessly manage all of their end-to-end customer engagement processes: From marketing analytics to user experience to customer data analytics.

With four years of experience in innovating, developing and managing its mobile loyalty and rewards app, Perx is one of a few companies globally that has a personal referenceable implementation, consuming its own enterprise SDK platform, to prove that what they say they can do works and has helped companies generate unrealized revenue streams with the power of intelligent data analytics. As Anna Gong, CEO of Perx stated: “Perx has grown remarkably in the last years and we have learnt so much in the process. We are one of the fastest growing companies in our category and we realized we were sitting on great technology that will benefit an even wider market. Recognizing the value and importance of intelligent customer engagement and data analytics in today’s market, we are committed to shaping Perx as the hub connecting consumers and businesses.”


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