Scoro closes $1.9 Million Funding Round

Scoro, the work management software solution for professional and creative services, announced that it has closed a $1.9 million seed funding round from SmartCap, Inventure, and Alchemist Accelerator.

Scoro will use the funding to accelerate the development of its automation features and integrations with other business tools. It will also help Scoro to expand its sales and support teams across its five international offices.

Scoro was launched in 2013 in Estonia and it brings structure to your work by combining sales and billing with work management capabilities. By aggregating data in a structured manner from its own toolset and other applications such as Outlook and Dropbox, Scoro intends to become the “single source of truth” for its customers.

Fred Krieger, CEO at Scoro, commented: “We’re seeing a lot of new software solutions trying to solve future problems. AI and machine learning are set  to completely reshape the way we work, but the underlying structure and processes of most companies are far from being ready for that. That’s exactly what we’re aiming to solve – provide this structure for our customers and thus become a crucial building block for these next generation work management applications.”

Scoro’s customers include professional services companies such as Grant Thornton, Sotheby’s International Realty and creative agencies such as  Graphic Evidence and WSI.

Tuomas Kosonen, Partner at Inventure, commented: “We are happy to see top-notch customers choose Scoro to help them run their businesses. Thanks to the integrations with most of the widely-used enterprise software, Scoro has been able to develop the control hub for an entire company, making management easier and more efficient.”

Ravi Belani, Founding Partner at Alchemist Accelerator, commented: “The volume of apps in the enterprise space is exploding. Scoro is poised to become the hub to interface with this explosion. We have been deeply impressed by the considerable developments Scoro has made relative to their peers in the business process management space, and expect even greater things to come.”

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