Protio introduces the digital “revolution” in the real estate market

The new circular economy model "Rebuilt-to-Rent" is the key to tackling both the climate and housing crisis, but also an integral part of the philosophy of the innovative Greek proptech Startup

The Real Estate sector in Greece continues to record an upward trend, remaining unscathed despite domestic economic and social changes. In particular, during this period there is a high demand for the rental of apartments, without of course this always being accompanied by the corresponding offer.

Protio introduces a new model that can stem the housing crisis that now prevails throughout Europe, where the available properties for purchase or rent are almost scarce and are usually old houses and finite constructions.

The company’s goals are the reshaping of the real estate market and the “democratization” of real estate investments by individuals interested. All that is needed is through the platform to become accredited real estate investors and choose the apartment that meets their needs and investment profile.

The Greek proptech Startup then undertakes entirely the process, from buying and selling to renovating and finding a tenant.

After the rental Protio manages the apartment. Investors of course receive full information from specialized real estate investment consultants about the whole process, while the company is close to them at all stages through the digital platform.

Protio’s biggest asset, of course, is that it guarantees and secures the first year of rents to investors.

Every individual has the opportunity to become an investor in three simple steps through Protio’s platform. Based on the investment profile, he has the opportunity to choose the apartment he wants and meets his expectations. It is worth noting that the properties that are on the platform are off the market and available exclusively through

Innovation from redevelopment to real estate development

Protio’s platform utilizes state-of-the-art tools that process thousands of data. Thus, the company has the ability to evaluate the characteristics of an apartment and inform the seller about the sale value of his property in just 24 hours, without requiring the in-person visit of the site.

Protio’s real estate valuation solution has highly accurate results, while just one appointment is required in order to analyze the property and make the final offer, where the seller only needs to accept it.

Protio is a member of the National Register for Startups – Elevate Greece, is the new venture of incrediblue Founder Antonis Fiorakis and recently raised funding of 2 million euros.

With the new capital, the Startup managed to get out of stealth mode, launching the new platform for investments in apartments.

The funding comes from Greek and international investment funds with Lead Fund Neogen Capital, while the pre-seed round was also attended by Lars Rasmussen, investment “angel” and co-founder of Google Maps, the investment funds of Genesis Ventures and the investment platform SeedBlink.

At the same time, the investors include 20 investment “angels” from Greece, Germany, Switzerland and India.

The innovative Greek Startup has rallied around it experienced executives coming from the field of technology, investments and real estate, from companies such as Deliveroo, Blueground, PSP Investments and others.

Among the leading members of the team are Thrasos Kipourgos, Head of Investments and Ioannis Tzikas, Head of Technology, who chose to leave London and return to Greece for the realization of this new idea.

The establishment and development of Protio are not only an interesting case study in the field of real estate but also an exceptional case of brain gain.

“The problem we aim to solve with Protio affects the lives of millions of people every day. I am thrilled that with the support of our investors we are embarking on a journey with such a big and achievable vision. Our goal is to help the real estate trading ecosystem as a whole, as the technology we are developing accelerates the digital transformation of this huge market.With this new venture we want to help the citizens, while contributing to the urban regeneration of our cities”, pointed out the CEO of Protio, Antonis Fiorakis.

Development of real estate with ESG criteria

In the context of the sustainable development of the real estate market, Protio has developed the key model for dealing with the housing crisis, “Rebuild-to-Rent“.

The company undertakes the renovation of real estate and then their placing on the market. This model ensures the quality of available real estate, as well as promotes the need to convert old apartments and reuse them.

The renovation of old properties is not carried out only for aesthetic reasons. Modernization entails not only the reduction of the CO2 energy footprint but also of the operational requirements of a home, utilizing modern technologies aimed at energy upgrading and urban regeneration of cities.

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