PARKGURU adds “AIRBNB Parking” operation and changes to PARKGENE

PARKGURU, the smart parking app is been incorporated at PARKGENE, the first peer-to-peer parking app worldwide that uses blockchain technologies and payments with cryptocurrencies, in order to offer greater value to its users.

It must be noted that PARKGURU kicked-off two years ago aiming to change the way that of parking our cars, since it offers the chance to find the appropriate spot to park, to reserve the parking spot and pay for it via mobile, even before arriving at it. In something less than a year’s time of its official commercial launch, back in July 2017, it achieve to get more than 50,000 users!

In the context of the integration of the services it offers, through its subsidiary PARKGENE, it has developed the world’s first peer-to-peer parking service, enabling private parking space owners to rent it and receive payment in return via GENE Tokens (PARKGENE’s currency). In this way, through a renewed environment and additional tools such as GENE Wallet, all PARKGURU users (now PARKGENE) can not only park more easily and cheaper, but also gain revenue by renting their own parking space when it’s not occupied!

The evolution of PARKGURU and its incorporation in PARKGENE, exploits the innovative technology of blockchain and cryptocoin payments. PARKGENE is the first blockchain peer-to-peer parking application, which the application users can rent their private parking space, as with Airbnb, but for parking spaces.

The new application contains 6 million parking spaces in 8,000 cities worldwide, and there are more than 50 professional parking spaces and around 8,000 parking spaces in Greece, for which PARKGENE users can pay via the GENE Wallet electronic wallet, via Bitcoin, Ethereum, but also with the coin currency issued by PARKGENE itself, the GENE token, which is the first Greek cryptocurrency.

At the same time, it is possible for all users to pay in conventional ways (cash, credit / debit card) in case they do not have any crytocurrencies.

As Nikos Scarlatos, CEO of PARKGENE stated: “We are particularly pleased with the technological and commercial progress we have achieved over the last few months and the launch of PARKGENE, the world’s first application to exploit Blockchain’s parking technology. The parking problem is plaguing many big cities worldwide and is responsible for 30% of the traffic in total and 20% of pollution that occurs from drivers looking for a parking space near their final destination. PARKGENE aims to further improve to find parking spaces, but at the same time reduce their cost”.

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