Ohlala, a paid date app nabs $1.7m

Although the idea of Ohlala until early 2015 was on paper, within ten months was developed in several German cities and acquired $1.7 million funding at seed round from various private investors.

The service, which operates via a dedicated app, brings together men who want a paid date with women for communication, social events or just pleasure. After you create a verified user profile you can post a request for appointment to all available women service in the area, which will remain active for 21 minutes.

If there is expression of interest, both parties start chatting, always through the platform, to agree the details and the payment, while for safety reasons date of the transaction is recorded.

“The world is tired of the friction in various date platforms while there is the necessary level of safety and protection of personal data. For those reasons we created Ohlala which has all these characteristics and immediate dates” co-founder and CEO of Ohlala, Pia Poppenreite, stated.

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