LAUNCHub Opens New Funding Call for Startups from South-Eastern Europe

LAUNCHub has launched a dedicated application call for financing of early stage digital startup companies.

This dedicated application run is aimed at companies targeting amounts of financing up to €200k and that have a completed product with some initial traction. According to a press announcement, the LAUNCHub team expects to meet cohesive and committed teams with a good understanding of the markets and consumers they are addressing.  Startups will have to present relevant feedback and metrics on their products and services or previous experience with accelerator programmes or in raising angel money.

All committed teams from South-East Europe (SEE) developing future disruptive technologies in the Digital Tech Sector will have the opportunity to apply until February 23, 2014.

The culmination of the LAUNCHub funding selection will be the four-day Long-Weekend Event in the end of March in Sofia, where shortlisted teams will receive several days of coaching and mentoring and will have the chance to pitch their ideas and get approved for seed investment. The successful applicants will receive funding of up to €200k in exchange of equity.

Since its establishment in 2012 the LAUNCHub seed fund has invested approximately €3mn in 35 teams from the SEE region.

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