INTELIGG: A startup that brings technological solutions for smart cities to a whole new level

​INTELIGG has developed an advanced smart thermostat system which provides 40% energy savings,almost 20% higher than other solutions available on the market.

The energy consumption of the buildings comprises 35%-40% of the total energy consumption in the EU countries( in Greece the percentage is higher than the European), whilst 35%-70% is consumed for heating and cooling purposes.

​INTELIGG,aims at providing smart,innovative and sustainable solutions for smart cities and communities.It develops programs such as SMARTH-PROP and  SmartBox4U,it provides services and does research concerning energy, transport and environment.The company has been supported by Eurobank’s egg,an acceleration program that supports startups.

SMARTH-PROP is an advanced self-learning and self-adjusted smart thermostat system based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.It supports multi-zonal control of heating and cooling systems for higher energy savings up to 40% in buildings.

SMARTH-PROP can be installed easily whether the building is new or not ,independently of the already installed heating/cooling system.The only requirement is an operational network,since the smart thermostat operates through the wireless network.

It was founded by Dr Christos Ioakeimidis (CEO) and Dr. Konstantinos Genikomsakis (CTO).Its founding members consist of mechanicals, aerospace,electrical and computer engineers with extensive experience in national and international research and system development projects ,focusing on social innovation, sustainable mobility and economy, energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy and ICT solutions.

INTELIGG has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission,it is a member of Elevate Greece and has received many other discriminations as well. It has also excelled with SMARTH- PROP on a national and European level and the patent for SMARTH- PROP is now pending.

INTELIGG is planning to expand initially in the European market and in a few years globally,as a company that develops and promotes greek technological solutions for smart cities in global markets.

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