Hangbird: Α drying rack that liberates your living space

On May 10th, Hangbird launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first series of its practical and timeless solution that lifts your laundry up and away to dry no matter the weather.

In particular, Hangbird provides households a clever space saving solution to maximize valuable living space and simplify an everyday chore.  It is made from sustainable wood, eases the load on your electrical tumble dryer thus lowering your electrical costs and contributes to the protection of the environment.  Hangbird is also manufactured in co-operation with workshops that employ people with special needs. Although Samuel Kutter, founder of Hangbird, has refined the product and established his business, his vision includes developing more furniture which can be made in conjunction with socially responsible workshops.  This is fundamental to achieving his vision of growth.

Before the birth of his son, Samuel Kutter wanted a simple space-saving solution to hang-dry the laundry for his growing family.  Inspired by an old-fashioned drying rack, from his time studying abroad in England, he developed a modern and practical model and unintentionally built his first prototype. After countless positive remarks and encouragement from friends and family, he recognized the potential for a business. That his product can be manufactured sustainably and in a socially responsible way just reinforced his vision and Hangbird was born. Personally, the time was right for establishing his own venture after having worked at consulting firms, multi-nationals, as well as a solar-energy Startup.

All Scenes

The goal of launching the crowdfunding campaign for Hangbird is to gain supporters as well as secure our first customers, in order to manufacture the first series.  Also the way to gauge the viability of a product and assess the market is to hear from social media channels to determine the most popular frame sizes and rope colours that we can offer in the future. The first series will be available at a lower price compared to future offers.

If successful, Hangbird would like to develop and bring to market new practical designs and lasting furniture that can be made by people with special needs. For this purpose, Hangbird is searching for collaborations with universities in the area of design.

Hangbird de-clutters your home. It uses the warmer air close to the ceiling, creating a natural flow of air, which in turn dries your laundry faster. It can be customized to your own individual style. Choose between the size, wooden surface, and rope colours. Most materials such as the wood and ropes originate from Germany. These high quality materials guarantee a long life. Hangbird was designed in a way that it can be manufactured in cooperation with workshops that employ people with special needs. Each work piece can be traced back to the individual team that worked on it; such that, customers will have the possibility of providing a sign of acknowledgement and recognition directly to the producers.

Hangbird is located at Impact Hub in Munich, a creative co-working environment where not only Start-ups share space, but also contribute to positive changes for the betterment of society.

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