Feedbackly announces €500K in funding for a customer communication tool

Feedbackly is a Finnish startup dedicated to improving customer experiences and helping companies to increase their sales. The company was formerly known as Tapin Feedback and rebrands itself to speed up their global expansion. With Feedbackly, companies can gather feedback from their customers in all potential touch points from bricks-and-mortar stores to eCommerce sites and even email and SMS.

“Our new approach brings with it a new name and branding that we are really excited about. The name Feedbackly really represents what we do and what our customers can do with us”, tells CEO, Jaakko Männistö.

Feedbackly has gathered new funding worth €500K to bring their total funding to €740K. The new funding comes from several sources, including East Wings and Birch Venture that is run by Managing Partner, Mika Heikinheimo.

“We got interested in Feedbackly because of their exceptional and impressive product. With Feedbackly, companies can grow their sales in a meaningful and measurable way”, tells Mika Heikinheimo. “Our interest got even bigger after we got to know the energetic and dynamic team behind Feedbackly”, he adds.

The funding will be used to bring the new software to the market this spring, 2016. It will also fuel Feedbackly’s international growth with new opportunities opening up globally, and especially in Sweden, UK and Germany.

“We really can offer companies a modern way to improve their customer experience with our all-in-one package and help them quite literally save thousands of euros a year, compared to the old way of gathering and getting the best out of customer feedback”, tells CEO, Jaakko Männistö. “Measuring customer experiences is a growing trend and some companies are already considering it as a competitive advantage for themselves. It’s really working too”, he adds.

The toolkit works with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) principle and brings several benefits to companies using it. Companies can gather in-depth information on what their customers think about them in every step of the customer journey, create satisfied customers and improve sales.

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