Entersoft: Invests in a software development center in Patras with 60 new jobs

Entersoft announced a new investment against the backdrop of the creation of a Software Implementation and Development Center in Patras, in collaboration with the local University. In fact, the cooperation with the University of Patras is extended to other levels. Joint actions in existing and new academic programs of the Academic Foundation, practical training of its students in areas related to Entersoft’s activities, collaboration in research projects of common interest and publications.

It is worth noting that Entersoft’s investment in the Achaean capital is expected to create, in the first phase, about 60 new jobs in the region.

Entersoft’s strategic move is combined with the high priorities set by the company in terms of continuous development of state-of-the-art technologies and utilization and exploitation of Greek engineers and scientists. In terms of technology, Entersoft incorporates the most advanced IT technology into its business software products in order for its customers to enjoy services with the best performance.

Regarding human resources, Entersoft in 2016 employed 190 people, while at the end of 2021 it will exceed 370, which means that it doubled its workforce. Its plan foresees that over a 5-year horizon it will over-double its staff again. To meet the needs, at a time when there is a shortage in the Greek market of specialized personnel in IT, it utilizes every source of executive pumping with parallel re-skilling of graduates from similar branches of Sciences and Economic Sciences.

Based on its plan, it offers opportunities for upgrading and development to its staff, through a framework that is renewed every year. In addition, it funds 4 postgraduate executives annually, while it participates in the Brain Regain action and collaborates with organizations such as Regeneration. The investment in Patras offers an additional link, as the development of closer relations with Greek universities contributes to direct communication with the students of higher education institutions.

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