Cypriot Startup Malloc raised money from Y Combinator

Malloc is a new startup which was founded in 2020 by 3 women, Maria Terzi, Artemis Kontou and Lisa Charalambos. The software company focuses on data security of mobile devices with Anti-stalker features.

The first edition of the app was launched 4 months ago and is available for all Android mobile phones while it has already 80,000 active users.

Almost a month after the first edition was launched, the American Y Combinator, which invests through its programs in startup companies worldwide, showed interest for the cypriot Malloc, according to its own announcement.

Y Combinator’s program started in June and will have been completed by the end of August. Later on, there will be an online presentation of the companies to the investors with promising perspectives for the cypriot startup company.

Among the 2000 companies that Y Combinator has funded, since 2005 when it was founded, are Airbnb, Dropbox Twitch and Reddit. It is important to notice that Y Combinator has never before invested in a cypriot startup company.

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