Adaptive ML raises $20M to help companies build unique GenAI experiences

This seed round will fuel growth of Adaptive’s groundbreaking AI engine.

Adaptive ML, the startup enabling companies to perpetually improve their generative AI models based on users’ interactions, announced today that it has raised a $20 million seed round led by Index VenturesICONIQ CapitalMotier VenturesDatabricks VenturesIRISHuggingFund by Factorial, and many prominent angel investors joined the round.

Adaptive’s vision is to empower enterprises everywhere to leverage the benefits of ever-learning generative models and deliver intuitive experiences to lift key business metrics. The company has already shipped the first version of its enterprise platform and will use the funding to continue to invest in research, product development, and rapidly grow the team in Paris and New York.

“At Adaptive ML, we are streamlining the path to more intuitive, stickier genAI applications, directly driving improved user experience and business outcomes,” said CEO Julien Launay. “In the long-term, we envision perpetually learning models absorbing every interaction to deliver experiences unique to every user.”

There’s a high demand for enterprises to use large language models (LLMs), however, there is currently a large gap between a generic off-the-shelf model and making it work for a specific production use case.

Engaging experiences can only occur when the model is aligned with users’ goals. Getting there is a complex process that involves highly technical and specialized techniques. This complex preference-tuning process propelled OpenAI to a worldwide phenomenon like ChatGPT. Adaptive will unlock the power of these techniques and make them accessible to enterprises, everywhere.

The Adaptive platform abstracts away the technical details around fine-tuning and reinforcement learning, accelerating time-to-release for LLM-based products. To accomplish this, Adaptive has an innovative approach to engineering, data, and deployment.

“Alignment is the foundation of how users experience large language models,” said Bryan Offutt, Partner at Index Ventures. “While pre-training teaches a model how to think, it is alignment that teaches it how to communicate. We are excited to partner with Adaptive to bring the power of alignment to enterprises, everywhere, enabling them to build production-ready models that are uniquely suited to their business.”

Adaptive is built for any enterprise interested in deploying large language models, for example in customer support, software development, and deep research efforts. For more information on Adaptive and its preference tuning platform, please visit


Source: Business Wire 

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