ViAgro:The first specialized greek marketplace in the agricultural sector

ViAgro started from Thessaloniki in January 2021 as an e-Marketplace about the agricultural sector and similar sectors, where farmers, producers, merchants, businesses, sellers, buyers and consumers connect.  

The company’s vision is the rise and the optimization of producers’ income who can have more options in order to sell and make their products available to thousands of buyers in Greece and worldwide.

Also, its intention is to offer more choices to the consumers who can have access to fresh and quality greek products directly from the producer.

Producers, farmers, merchants and businesses can sell their products wholesale or retail, for more competitive prices inland and abroad, as well as to new buyers instantly, fast and with more effective and guaranteed selling methods.

​ViAgro’s target is to create a big electronic market in southeastern Europe which will provide everything to farrmers, producers, beekeepers, merchants of agricultural products, agronomists, agricultural cooperatives,realtors, consumers and many more.

The marketplace appeals to those who want to create theiw own eShop easily and fast and sell their products through or promote their products and their services to specialized customers. Also, it appeals to those who want to seek, compare and buy products wholesale or retail, sell their used agricultural equipment and finally to those who want to become part of a wider community in the social media.

The ever growing community of ViAgro consists of professionals who operate on the agricultural sector.

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