Research: The roles embracing hybrid and remote work

The data suggests senior sales roles offer the most hybrid working options. 46.6% of Business Development Director job adverts are described as hybrid, and 45.6% of Chief Revenue Officers job adverts provide a mix of home and office work.

The new research from Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment reviews over 780,000 sales job adverts across the top 5 UK job boards to find the roles embracing hybrid and remote work – and the sales roles that are not.

The growth of remote work with the pandemic and digitisation

This research has come with the progression of communication tools that allow sales teams to work remotely. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the implementation of remote work in sales, emphasising digital marketing and virtual sales calls.

Companies are beginning to acknowledge the advantages of remote work. They are adopting permanent remote work policies or hybrid models, granting access to a broader talent pool, reducing office-related expenses, and increasing employee flexibility.

Robert Scott, Managing Director at Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, said: “Increasingly, we are seeing a candidate-driven market pushing employers to advertise roles with flexible working patterns that attract the best talent.

Hybrid or remote work patterns usually allow you to consider a broader candidate pool based on location, which always helps find the best candidates for a role.”

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