GRECiOT: Game changer in measuring and analyzing the air we breathe

The pioneering Greek GreenTechstartup came to change the market in air quality control, developing integrated solutions for environmental and atmospheric measurements for the purpose of imaging, identifying pollution sources and analyzing the data that determine air quality outdoors and indoors, using state-of-the-art technologies and specialized hitech equipment

The quality of the air we breathe every day is a problem, not only for the 8% of people who suffer from respiratory problems, but for all of us.

The most authoritative studies worldwide report that the explosive increase in diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, is also due to poor air quality, which reduced life expectancy by one year.

Even in the most environmentally protected areas of the planet there are sources of air pollutants and suspended particles, which are extremely dangerous for the health of residents, especially children and vulnerable groups. Often, without anyone knowing about their existence.

In this huge social and environmental problem, the purely Greek Green Tech Startup GRECiOT, based in Thessaloniki, develops innovative and integrated solutions for the realization of high-precision atmospheric and environmental measurements for the purpose of identifying pollution sources and scientifically analysing air quality data, using state-of-the-art technologies.

Using IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning as tools, it highlights both air quality (outdoors and indoors) and a number of dangerous or harmful elements for humans and the environment.

In fact, GRECiOT, founded in December 2020, has managed in less than two years to already be considered GreenTech’s game changer in the field of the environment.It helps cities measure air quality outdoors, with minimal purchase costs and zero maintenance compared to before, through microStations of Spain’s Kunak, where they were awarded as the No. 1 micro-stations in measurement reliability in the world.

Then, through a special algorithm and AI, the data of the stations are utilized and the sources of infection are identified. Finally, the measurements are analyzed, presented at regular intervals to the management of the Organization-principal and if requested, solutions are proposed for taking measures to address the problem by the environmental informatics research team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In short, it holistically implements the doctrine “MEASURE CORRECTLY – IDENTIFY – ANALYZE – CONSULT“.

The original idea was an “inspiration” by Kostas Vassiliadis, founder and Director of GRECiOT, after concerns of residents of the area of Thessaloniki about the strong stench that made the daily life of the elderly, children and vulnerable groups difficult, while it caused concerns about air quality and the possible dangers of the unknown odors, which even made the atmosphere at certain times of the day almost suffocating.

From the doctrine “Greece – Spain Alliance” to MEASURE CORRECTLY – IDENTIFY – ANALYZE – CONSULT

The discovery of the origin of the sources of the stench, the accuracy measurements and the impressive results of the measurements were the motivation for the “transformation” of the idea into an innovative Startup, which has gained the interest of investors from Greece and abroad.

The exclusive cooperation with the Spanish company Kunak, which manufactures equipment, air quality control and monitoring systems, designed to collect environmental data and information accurately and in real time for Greece and Cyprus, gave a huge boost to the development of GRECiOT within a few months. Soon came the important collaborations with public and private bodies to provide innovative solutions. Reliable results, low operating costs, plug and play operation without facilities by qualified personnel, facilities such as the operation of the plants with solar energy and the cooperation with the largest research and university communities took off GRECiOT within a few months.

Measurements inside schools as well

GRECiOT saw the opportunity that has emerged in recent years for the need to measure air conditions in enclosed spaces with crowds, without ventilation, such as school classrooms. Measurements such as light, temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, infrared rays, ultrasound, etc. on the one hand, the teacher helps to know when the room really needs ventilation, without unnecessarily cooling down the students, on the other hand, money is saved by preventing energy wastage. Air quality control is also considered important for better student focus. And all this available in real time and to the parents of students. Thus, GRECiOT offers a smart and advanced IoT ecosystem, which provides integrated solutions, such as the reduction of energy costs in schools, since for the first time the temperature of the classrooms is monitored in addition to other air quality measurements.

Already, GRECiOT collaborates with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where a Kunak microstation has been piloted, and the company provides analysis of atmospheric and environmental measurements, while it has also pilotly installed sensors in 2 rooms at the Experimental School of Thessaloniki for the analysis of air quality.

Today, Kunak’s precision microstations and the integrated solutions of the GRECiOT team have won the trust of municipalities from all over Greece, Regions (e.g. Region of Central Macedonia), institutions and organizations and companies from all sectors of the economy. In addition to developing integrated solutions for large customers, GRECiOT offers scalable software development kits (SDKs), which allow developers to integrate key technologies into third-party applications.

Finally, a few days ago GRECiOT sealed a new collaboration with the University of Crete and more specifically with the Laboratory of Environmental Chemical Processes of the Department of Chemistry.

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