EIT Community Booster seeks European startups for the new European Bauhaus for sustainability

It is clear that entrepreneurs are those who are driving developments in the market. With the mission of creating a sustainable, inclusive Europe, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and five of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities available to the EIT are launching a joint initiative to support innovative businesses and groups promoting the transformation of the New European Bauhaus.

The initiative, called the EIT Community Booster, is coordinated by EIT Digital and includes the EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility.

Together they seek the most innovative startups and scaleups that promote sustainable change for cities, industries, climate, food, well-being and overall quality of life, to support the development of their activities and help them play a key role on an international level.

Twenty selected companies will participate in the initiative and will receive development support worth 50,000 euros. Support will be provided in the form of grants and services designed to help these enterprises accelerate their activities to a higher level.

Designed by the European Commission, the New European Bauhaus “transforms” the European Green Deal into a tangible, positive experience in which all Europeans can participate and progress together. Based on this, the EIT Community Booster aims to identify and support startups and scaleups that meet three key dimensions of the New European Bauhaus.Firstly, sustainability, from climate objectives to the circular economy, zero pollution and biodiversity. Secondly, aesthetics, ensuring quality experiences and style, in addition to functionality and third, social inclusion, from making the most of diversity to ensuring accessibility and accessibility.

The initiative’s approach is multilevel, starting from international and ending at local level, participatory and interdisciplinary.

“The EIT Community contributes to all aspects of the New European Bauhaus and has the ecosystem to discover exciting ideas and startups from all over Europe. We look forward to discovering and upgrading the creative and innovative solutions that will help to to re-approach the sustainable way of life and make living spaces more beautiful and accessible!”, underlined Gioia Ghezzi, President of the EIT Board of Directors.

Building on the vast network and know-how of Europe’s most promising innovation ecosystem, the EIT Community, the new initiative combines the best business development programs offered by EIT Digital, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility.

From early business leadership to accessing finance and supporting international development, each of the following five programs offers a comprehensive package of services to help businesses of different levels of maturity accelerate their growth, raise funding and expand internationally.

Depending on the area of interest and specialisation, entrepreneurs are invited to apply to one or more of the EIT Community Booster programmes and to their specific actions related to the New European Bauhaus.

First of all, the EIT Digital Accelerator for scaleups that harness the digital transformation to create innovative solutions and products in business sectors, cities and communities, enhancing the circular economy, social inclusion and aesthetics to promote a green, secure and sustainable future.

Also, the Clean Cities ClimAccelerator for startups developing innovative projects in the renewable energy industry, mobility, green spaces and retrofits, contributing to more sustainable, healthy and clean cities that will improve the quality of life and experiences of citizens.

Furthermore, EIT Food Accelerator Network for Agro-food startups that affect any part of the supply chain, agricultural production or food, helping to build a healthier, more reliable and more sustainable food system for local and global communities.

Moreover, EIT Manufacturing Accelerator for startups that contribute to green and socially sustainable production and innovative thinking in the industrial ecosystem.

Finally, EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator for startups developing sustainable alternatives for urban landscapes, for biodiversity, for the improvement of public spaces and accessibility, for the improvement of the well-being of citizens and/or ensuring universal mobility for all, as a key factor in social inclusion.

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