Cyclopt: The “everyday assistant” of software development teams

Cyclopt, a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is addressed to every company that develops software and makes its everyday life easier, providing it with the tools it needs to improve its software development process.

Given the highly competitive reality that is taking shape in the software industry, where the rapidly changing customer requirements contrast with the need to reduce the cost of development and maintenance of developing software, finding tools and mechanisms that organize, standardize and supervise the software development process is more than obvious.

In this context and having as a moto that “in order to improve something you must first be able to measure it”, Cyclopt, a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has developed an online platform that enables the improvement of the development process of software projects.

Cyclopt’s platform is aimed at any company that develops software, as it can be the “everyday assistant” of teams and ensure the adoption of widely accepted coding practices and the optimal organization of the software production line through targeted recommendations. As the team explains, its product focuses on three main pillars.

The first of them is the analysis of the quality of the generated code, which is based on machine learning models, after the calculation of a plethora of metrics derived from the source code (Code Quality Analytics). The second is the optimal organization and monitoring of the tasks included in the software management process (Project Management), through the intelligent integration of the principles governing flexible software development models.

Finally, the third concerns the recognition of the quality characteristics and skills of the members of the software development team, which is achieved through the continuous recording and indexing of the way each member contributes during the development process (Team Management).

The above pillars guarantee a holistic monitoring approach and implement a “successful” software production line, which follows the project schedule, identifies problems and risks very early on and keeps projects within budget.

But what are the characteristics that make Cyclopt’s product stand out?

According to the company’s team, the main thing is that its platform was designed with the main goal of not being intrusive and to harmonize with the tools that client companies use to develop software projects.

For this reason, the platform is fully integrated into the largest online code repositories, such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and BitBucket, and provides its customers with the easy ability to connect to the platform of the repositories they want to analyze, maintaining the level of security that the infrastructure they have chosen ensures.

Also, the supervision of the quality of the source code is fully automated: each change in the repository triggers a series of analyses aimed at providing usable information and immediate feedback on any changes that need to be made. The goal is always to improve the features of the developing software, such as sustainability and reusability.

Finally, the ability to configure the analyses to cover the specific characteristics of each customer, enhances the ability to adapt the functionality of the platform to the needs of its users.

Recognition and development!

Proof of the value of Cyclopt’s product is that, despite the pandemic that is changing the data in the labor market and the wider IT ecosystem, it is in a phase of continuous development. In fact, it was the first company in which the TECS Capital Fund recently invested, the first Venture Capital Fund to have Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia as its reference area.

This investment is an important milestone for Cyclopt towards the road to further development and growth of its customer base, while at the same time it is the trigger for the improvement of the services provided and at a later stage for the development of partnerships at an international level, with the European market at the forefront.

“We intend to leverage this investment to accelerate the expansion of our team with talented individuals, provide even more innovative services to better assess software quality, and help our customers monitor and optimize their software development process.

In addition, we intend to improve our marketing and sales strategy and attract more software companies to our platform,” says Dr. Michail Papamichail, CEO of Cyclopt, giving the signal of what will come next.

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