AVAX Group: Digital models protect from accidents at work

AVAX Group announced the integration of digital management models in the health and safety procedures – in the first phase – to its employees at the construction sites of the new Line 4 of the Athens Metro.

More specifically, digital management models are an innovative platform through which each project manager or site manager, can transfer in digital form and manage all the tasks that frontline workers are required to perform daily. Similarly, through the employees’ smartphones, the project manager will be able to collect, in real time, important information directly from the field.

In the case of AVAX Group, employees and visitors at the construction sites will be informed in real time through a smartphone app, for the specific conditions of the site and safety rules. In fact, this information will be transmitted in the form of an image, video and text, while there will be the possibility of filling in even questionnaires that will evaluate the adequate understanding of the instructions. Otherwise, the application will inform the project manager and prohibit entry to people who have not been adequately trained.

In the case of an emergency at the construction sites, the system of immediate notification – like the cell message sent by the Civil Protection – will be activated automatically, which will inform in real time (via sms, voice calls and email) not only the employees at the site of the incident, but also executives at the company’s headquarters and external bodies such as EKAB (National Center for First Aid) , fire brigade, police, etc. At the same time, the predefined response protocols will be put in practice, which will indicate what are the necessary actions for immediate response.

“The health and safety of our employees is a non-negotiable priority for AVAX Group. To this end, AVAX Group decided to invest in new technologies that optimize the organization and management of health and safety procedures (training, management, protection and communication) by starting their implementation at the construction sites of Line 4 of the Athens Metro as a member of the Consortium Contractor “AVAX S.A., GHELLA Spa, ALSTOM Transport S.A.” of the project “Line 4 – Section A: Veikou Park – Goudi.”, stated Roe Konstantarou, Director of Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development of AVAX Group.

Thus, any risks in the field will now be identified and addressed more quickly and more effectively and in an emergemcy , the response mechanism will be activated much more directly through the digital transformation adopted by the Group.

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